Board Sets Sights On HF Software Radio Applications

April 1, 1999

Manufacturers of high-frequency (HF) software radio products, wideband CDMA, and signal intelligence and tracking systems are expected to be the primary users of a new dual-wideband digital receiver and A/D VIM-2 (Velocity Interface Mezzanine) module. Called Model 6216, the module can be used as a complete front-end for sophisticated DSP systems. A programmable bypass mode allows data from the A/D converter to bypass the digital receiver stage and flow directly into the DSP board data acquisition application. And for even more complex applications, the module can be combined with another VIM-2 module to provide additional I/O functions. Each Model 6216 channel includes a wideband input amplifier followed by a programmable gain amplifier for HF analog inputs with bandwidths up to 30 MHz- the analog inputs are accepted through front panel SMA connectors. Each channel employs a 12-bit A/D converter capable of operating at sampling rates of up to 65 MHz. Development tools are available for a variety of platforms.

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