LabView for Everyone, 3rd Edition

Oct. 17, 2006
By Jeffrey Travis, Jim Kring
ISBN: 0-13-185672-3

National Instruments' LabView is a graphical programming environment that grew up in the test and measurement (T&M) community but has since branched into other areas including embedded design. The book will be useful for developers working in any of these areas, although many of the examples are more applicable to T&M.

The recent update takes into account the significant advances in LabView 8.20, released on LabView's 20th anniversary. It does not really address one major enhancement, object oriented-programming (OOP) support, but that is rather minor given the size (almost 1000 pages) and scope of the book. In fact, I feel that the coverage of other topics would have to be significantly shortened to handle the OOP enhancements. Leaving this to another book is a much better alternative.

This book is good for LabView novices as well as veterans. It does cover all the basics starting with overviews of PXI and VXI, two T&M board standards. The chapters transition nicely into program control, data structures and charts and graphs. Instrument control and data acquisition with specific National Instruments' hardware is included as well. It wraps up with a connectivity discussion including coverage of LabView's webserver. The book comes with a CD that has a 30-day eval version of Labview. That is barely enough time to make it through the book but it will provide a good feel for the development environment.

If you have only one book for LabView then make sure this is it.

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