High-Speed Multi-Port Crossbar Revs Up Quad DSP Card

April 1, 1999

Defense systems, test equipment, mobile telephony base stations, and various other data processing-intensive applications are being targeted by the VME/C6420 quad DSP board. In addition to either four C6201 fixed point or four C6701 floating point digital signal processors, the new card derives its immense processing power from a high-speed multi-port crossbar and a MPC860 PowerQUICC processor.The crossbar enables up to four 200-Mbyte/s simultaneous on-board point-to-point links to be set up dynamically, connecting the DSPs, PowerQUICC processor, PMC I/O, VME interface, and expansion ports. Meanwhile, the processor serves to direct all on-board control, signaling and data management, thus minimizing overhead on the DSPs. It also has direct access to 2 Mbytes of flash memory for embedded code and data storage. The card features a bank of up to 16 Mbytes of global SRAM that can be shared by the DSPs, control processor and I/O resources.


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