Cost Conscious SBC Packs VGA/LCD, Ethernet Support

Aug. 1, 2001

Offered as a cost-effective, 486-based single-board computer (SBC), the SBC8440VE includes a C&T 65550 CRT/LCD controller with 1 MB of video RAM and a Realtek 8139 CPI PnP 10/100 Base-T Ethernet controller. The 3.5", palm-size board uses an AMD DX5-133 CPU and an ALI 1487/1489 core-logic controller.Other features include one floppy-disk port, an IDE controller that supports up to two devices, one 72-pin SIMM socket that supports up to 64 MB of EDO RAM, disk-on-chip support, two 16550 UART-compatible serial ports, one parallel port, and one IrDA connector. In addition, the board also includes an industrial standard PC/104 expansion slot.The board is compatible with Windows CE, which saves users the effort of getting the license from Microsoft. For more details call AXIOM TECHNOLOGY INC., City of Industry, CA. (888) 462-9466.


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