Power-Supply Reference Design Achieves 94% Efficiency

March 17, 2009
Product announcement for 8-A Fairchild RD212 ZVS 24-V power-supply reference design.

The RD212 power-supply reference design from Fairchild Semiconductor provides up to 94% efficiency and low noise characteristics due to its zero voltage switching (ZVS) technique. This 200-W dc-dc power supply also provides 24-V output at 8 A and offers overvoltage protection, overload protection, overcurrent protection, abnormal overcurrent protection, and internal thermal protection to protect the power supply from adverse electrical events.

Along with its users guide, application notes and schematics, Fairchild says, the RD212 can accelerate the design cycle and drive higher levels of efficiency in power-supply designs. The company also says that it’s an optimal tool for simplifying design, increasing efficiency and conserving space in flat-panel TVs, PCs, servers, street lighting, and various offline power supplies.

The RD212 features the FSFR2100, a green FPS power switch that integrates a pulse-frequency modulation (PFM) controller with a high-voltage gate driver, two fast-recovery FRFET MOSFETs, and protection features like soft-start and burst operation into a thermally efficient system in a package (SIP). Its soft-switching approach reduces switching losses, even though the actual switching frequency increases. The ZVS technique further reduces switching losses, allowing the switch to handle up to 200 W without a heatsink.

The FEB212 evaluation board, which complements the RD212 reference design, includes a users guide, application notes, and a full tested board to evaluate your design. The RD212 costs $68.75.

Fairchild Semiconductor


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