Options Help Create Versatile Pushbuttons

Feb. 1, 1999

A host of options accompanies a new family of miniature pushbutton switches, easing and broadening their application. The GC-536 switch features a contact action that's said to assure a positive switching state and ensure that the switch does not activate or de-activate accidentally due to incremental movement of the actuator. Its patent-pending termination and mounting options allow use of low-cost, fast assembly procedures. In addition, the 0.670" x 0.554" footprint switch has a height that can be varied by changing its actuator and threaded collar. Other features of the SPDT GC-536 pushbutton switch include 3A at 14 vdc and 1A at 125 vac electrical ratings and the ability to be easily integrated into assemblies, product panels, and pc boards.

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