Small Board-To-Board Power Connector Can Deliver >300A

Feb. 1, 2000

Measuring only 3.7" long, the Minipak board-to-board power connector packs into its small footprint three 45A ac input power contacts, twenty-four 2A signal contacts, and dc output contacts capable of delivering a total of >300A. It is said to be ideal for use in space-constrained front hot-swap power supply applications, with the low-profile connector also permitting the design of 500W-800W supplies for cPCI, VME and other industry-standard systems with just one power connector--normally two are required for EuroRack packaging. Other features of the power connector include three levels of sequencing to allow ac pre-mate/ground and "warm swap" capabilities, a 5-mm recess on the ac socket contacts for added safety, and eye-of-the-needle compliant press-fit termination on the backplane side for reliable solderless connection to boards. Minipaks comply with UL1977 and CSA C22.2 No. 182.3-M1987 specs.


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