cPCI SBCs Support 800-MHZ Pentium IIIs

May 1, 2000

Two PICMG-compliant, 6U cPCI single-board computers feature support for Celeron and Pentium III CPUs. The CSBCP2BX370 supports PPGA 370 Celeron CPUs up to 300 MHz with 128 KB of L2 cache and a 66-MHz system bus. Identical except for which processor is mounted, the CSBCP3BX370 supports Pentium III CPUs up to 800 MHz with 256 KB of L2 cache and a 100-MHz system bus.
In addition to standard I/O, the boards support a PMC mezzanine card with PCI bridge, and ultra-slim floppy and/or 2.5" EIDE drives. An optional PMC card expands cPCI-slot support from seven to 14.
Other features include support for DMA/33 dual-channel EIDE at 33 MB/s, Ultra2 SCSI (LVD or SE) at 80 MB/s, 10BaseT and 100BaseTX Ethernet, and a 64-bit AGP controller. Pricing starts at $1495 for the CSBCP2BX370 and the CSBCP3BX370 is priced at $1945.


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