VHDM Connectors Offer High Contact Density

May 1, 2000

This very high density metric (VHDM) backplane connector system has 100 signals per inch, meets the Bellcore 1217 requirements, and is identical to the VHDM connector manufactured by Teradyne Inc. The daughtercard connnectors are customized with signal, power, coax, coding and guidance modules that are attached to a metal stiffener that provides board straightening action to prevent damage to the mating connector and accurate true positioning of the mating halves. Press-fit contacts eliminate solder defects and allow thicker PCBs to be used since solder tail length is not an issue. Ground planes between signal columns control impedance and reduces crosstalk to allow sub nanosecond rise times. Metal guide pins and metallic coding bushings provide excellent guidance for large cards and help prevent the card from being plugged into the wrong slot. High temperature plastic housings are surface-mount compatible. Price is $68.50 per mated pair.

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