New Edge-Card Connectors Hold Onto Boards Tightly Without Using Adhesive

Oct. 1, 2000

Exceptional retention to boards and excellent RF performance are reportedly achieved by a new series of edge-card connectors without the use of an adhesive. The E-Snap series of edge-card connectors use small protrusions within their slot to snap into previously solder-pasted pc board holes. The connectors slide easily onto the board and lock firmly in place for reflow soldering, eliminating the need for an adhesive to affix connector to board. E-Snaps come in subminiature and microminiature interface styles, including SMA, SMB and MCX. Other features of these board-mount RF devices include a 50 ohm impedance and repeatable performance to 18 GHz. The connectors are available in male and female versions and in a broad array of configurations. And numbered among their many applications are LANs, telecomm equipment, base stations, medical and test equipment, and microwave systems. Prices start at $1.53 each/10,000.


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