Miniature Process Monitors Sport Super-Bright Blue LED Display

Sept. 1, 2001

Exploiting recent silicon-carbide developments, the new DMS-30PC-4/20S-BS is claimed as the first 4-20 mA process monitor to have a full-size blue display. The 0.56" blue digits are said to be easily visible from as far as 20 feet, making them ideal for monitoring critical process parameters. Housed in a 2.17" x 0.92" package, the monitorÕs power consumption from a single +24V supply is typically less than 900 mW. A built-in dc/dc converter provides full isolation (1,000 Vdc) between the current-loop input circuitry and the +24V supply. The isolation is said to eliminate ground loops and allow the process monitor to be electrically installed anywhere in the series loop. Other features of the miniature process monitors include: on-board, screw-type terminal blocks for power-supply and current-loop connections; a high-quality, 8-position DIP switch for configuring input-current/display-reading combinations; and two on-board, precision, 20-turn span and offset-adjust potentiometers for fine tuning applications. Pricing is $94 each for singles and $76 each/500. DATEL INC., Mansfield, MA. (508) 339-3000.


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