Software Allows Remote Control Of Testers

Aug. 1, 1999

Remote control of the firm's smaller Cablescan testers by external PCs is made possible with TestRite Software, a Windows 95/NT application comprising two programs: TestRite (Editor) and TestPanel. TestRite (Editor) is a tool for creating, editing and testing wire list programs. Without a tester connected, wire lists and cross-reference lists can be created by keyboard. With a tester connected, a program can be learned from a harness by first selecting a Learn command from the toolbar. The wire list can then be saved to disk, or cross-references can be assigned to test points before saving. TestPanel displays a simulated tester front panel on the PC monitor for use during production test. Test programs are selected through a standard Windows opening and loaded into the tester. Once loaded, a simple click on the simulated front panel Test button initiates a test. The results are displayed in the simulated tester display window.

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