ASIC Is At Heart Of Digital Imaging Platform

Nov. 1, 1998

At the heart of the Clarity 2.0 digital imaging platform, designed to provide digital camera manufacturers with a highly-integrated solution shortening time-to-market while decreasing development costs of new products, is the Clarity 2.0 ASIC. The chip offers a high level of integration and enables makers of digital cameras to adopt features to support technologies such as SmartMedia, Seiko Epson LCD, CompactFlash, USB, RS-232, NTSC/PAL video out, and a range of on-board memory for picture storage. It also includes support for the Kopin CyberDisplay, a virtual viewer consuming less power than conventional displays to conserve battery power. Also, the device supports either CCD or CMOS sensors with resolutions ranging from VGA to the highest megapixel capacities available for digital cameras. Products built around the Clarity ASIC are scheduled to begin shipment in Q1 of 1999.

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