Card Embeds Internet And Network Connectivity

Feb. 1, 1999

Systems requiring Internet or network connectivity have a low-cost candidate for the task in FlashTCP Server. The card contains a 10BaseT Ethernet controller, four PC-compatible serial ports, a printer port, pre-installed DOS, a TCP/IP stack, and Web Server. It lets users display the status of networks, import web pages and text from RS-232 or RS-485 serial lines, display dynamically changing data, and more. In addition to Web and TCP/IP applications, the card is also suited for use in data acquisition and control systems.Other FlashTCP Server features include 34 parallel I/O lines, an on-board switching power supply (accepts 7 to 34 vdc), a Y2K-compliant clock/calendar system, watchdog timer, and memory. Additional cards supporting A/D, D/A, isolated I/O and GPS, as well as software development tools and a developer's kit are also available.

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