Two-Slot VME64x Backplane Saves Space And Weight

March 1, 2001

Touted as the world's first such product, this 2-slot VME64x backplane is expected to give engineers in a number of industries the ability to reduce space and weight in their system designs, mount more backplanes in a rack, and at the same time have access to cleaner signals. The backplane is especially well suited for applications having critical size limitations and that require just a single-board computer (SBC) and one other board.
The 2-slot design allows up to 10 separate systems to be installed in a 19" rack-mount chassis, with one slot to spare. And since the 2-slot backplane's ends are so close to each other, there is no appreciable difference in the impedances in the two directions, thus providing a cleaner signal between the two boards.
The backplane is compliant with VITA 1-1994 and VITA 1.1-1997, is available with or without J0 connectors, and has an AMP Universal Mate-N-Lock connector for 5V, 3.3V and Gnd.


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