RISC-Baed SBC Houses USB Master, Ethernet And Compact Flash Connectivity

Dec. 1, 2001

The new ADS Graphics Master development system with Linux is said to be a richly-featured, RISC-based single board computer system with USB Master, Ethernet and compact flash connectivity. Among its on-board USB host capabilities are a four-port USB hub, a USB downstream power switch, and a USB slave/USB bus master. Another key capability of the Graphics Master is its compact flash interface connector, which extends the existing flash memory options of 8, 16 or 32 MB flash, and complements the 16, 32 and by MB SDRAM options running at 103 MHz. The PCMCIA slot is subsequently available for device cards with such features as modems, 802.11 or IDE. APPLIED DATA SYSTEMS, Columbia, MD. (301) 490-4007.


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