PC Board Switches Mount Flush On Panels

March 1, 1999

The Series 71 system of pushbutton, keylock and rotary switches combines flush mounting with pc-board, back-of-panel wiring. Actuators with flush-mount bezels attach to a front panel. Corresponding contact blocks are positioned and installed on pc boards. The actuators mate with the contact blocks with simple locking pins that secure the assembly. No tools, spacers or standoffs are required. The locking pins are easily released for disassembly. This approach reduces production costs and eliminates errors, unsightly appearance, bad solder joints, and separate connectors often associated with point-to-point wiring. The switches are sealed for oil- and water-tight operation. Ratings are from 5 vac/10 mA to 250 vac/3A or 24 vdc/3A.

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