Circular Snap-In Guides Offer Innovation In PCB Packaging

Nov. 1, 1998

For packaging printed circuit boards, the CIRC-O-GIDE circular snap-in guides offer an innovative method for board assembly by eliminating the continuous length of conventional card guides. They're said to provide greater area for ventilation and use of cooling slots in card cages. The button-like guides snap into card cages, board-retaining rails or flat sheet and drawer installations at any location, enabling unlimited lengths of boards, spacing between boards, and a simplified form of one-size-fits-all for reduced inventory. VERT-O-GIDE card guides are for mounting boards in the vertical position, and come in a variety of lengths for connector mounting, paired mounting and gang or tandem mounting of 1/16", 3/32" or 1/8" boards without special tooling.


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