AGP-Compliant Connector Brings 3D Graphics To The Desktop

Feb. 1, 1999

As an interconnect solution designed to maximize productivity in the assembly process, this AGP connector accepts the installation of AGP-compliant graphics cards, bringing 3D graphics and full-motion video to Intel Pentium II-based desktop computers. The design of the connector offers many benefits, including: a push-through board lock that self aligns before the connector contacts enter the holes on the pc board, thereby simplifying application in assembly; staggered contact points that reduce the force required to insert the edge of the AGP card; high-density, 1.0-mm pitch contacts that require less board space; and high-temperature polymer body that is resistant to the elevated temperatures encountered in reflow soldering processes.The design benefits inherent in the contactor are coupled with several plating options, including gold flash and 5, 15 and 30 micro-inches of gold.


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