CompactPCI System Controller Supports Celeron And Pentium III

Dec. 1, 2001

The VMICPCI-7753 is a single-slot Intel socket 370 Celeron and Pentium III CompactPCI bus system controller that offers processor speeds of 566 MHz to 866 MHz. The motherboard supports the flex feature, which allows either processor to be used. It also features a 133 MHz front side bus, up to 512 Mbytes of PC-133 SDRAM, and an Ultra DMA/100 IDE hard disk interface. High-resolution graphics and multimedia-quality video are supported by an internal 815E AGP graphics controller. Other features of the VMICPCI-7753 include: three programmable 16-bit timers; 32 Kbytes of nonvolatile SRAM; software-selectable watchdog timer with reset; remote boot support over Ethernet; a PMC mezzanine expansion site; and, optionally, up to 192 Mbyte IDE CompactFlash. The controller is CompactPCI 2.0 revision 3.0-compliant and uses the Intel 21154 PCI-to-PCI bridge (64 bit/33 MHz). Starting price for the board is $1,864. For further information, contact VMIC, Huntsville, AL. (800) 322-3616.

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