Quad DSP Board Touts Unique Multiprocessing Architecture

April 1, 1999

Powered by four 167- or 200-MHz TI digital signal processors, the CHAMP-C6 board offers up to 4 GFLOPS of floating-point processing or 6400 MIPS of integer processing to satisfy the demands of defense/aerospace and industrial applications. Filling a 6U VME slot, the card also uses the firm's CHAMP (Common Heterogeneous Architecture for Multi-Processing), reportedly a unique architecture that organizes the card's processing resources as two clusters of DSP elements, each capable of having dedicated access to a PMC module. In addition, PCI-to-PCI bridges allow concurrent data movement and make each processing cluster's I/O operations independent of other on-board data transfer operations.The DSP card also has a 250-MHz PowerPC processor that functions as a DMA engine controlling data flow, or it can operate as a DSP controller running VxWorks. CHAMP-C6 also offers SDRAM and flash EPROM memory, two PMC I/O expansion modules, and VME- and VME64X-compliant interfaces.

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