Dual Pentium Processors Help New SBC Claim Speed Record

Sept. 1, 1998

Claimed to be the industry's fastest single-board computers (SBCs), the V2P2 VME64 and C2P2 CompactPCI boards are powered by two Pentium II Deschutes processors running at a blistering 450 MHz. In addition, the processors share up to one Gbyte of 100-MHz synchronous DRAM and are each mated with up to 512 kbytes of L2 cache. Furthermore, the 100-MHz FSB local bus linking processors, cache and memory will also support next-generation Katmai processors running at 550 MHz.The high-performance CPU boards also contain Intel's 82443BX and 640 Advanced Graphics Processor (AGP) with eight Mbytes of video RAM optimized for 3D rendering, as well as deploying the DEC 21554 Draw Bridge Chip on the CompactPCI SBC to allow multi-processing. And numbered among the SBCs' several I/O and networking options are dual 10- or 100-Mbit/s Ethernet interfaces, a 40-Mbyte/s Ultra Wide SCSI interface with auto termination, two Ultra-DMA 33 IDE interfaces, a pair of USB ports, and a parallel port. The SBCs can run various OSs.

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