PowerPC 750s Drive New SBCs

Oct. 1, 1999

The PowerEngine6 is a new generation of single-board computers (SBCs) that comes with single or dual PowerPC 750s. The boards support Motorola's next generation PowerPC processors, the G4s with Altivec vector units. Designed as a versatile, integrated COTS solution for harsh environments, PowerEngine6 SBCs have an optimized processor configuration for maximum performance. The processors operate at 450 MHz for standard commercial boards and up to 350 MHz for MIL-S applications. The board features a new host-bridge processor co-developed by Cetia and IBM with an architecture that increases the internal speed of the PowerPC bus and ensures faster PCI64 and VME access. The boards support up to 512 MB of SDRAM, 1 MB of cache per mP, up to 32 MB of flash, an ASIC handling the VME64 interface, two serial ports and a parallel printer port that includes a 10/100-MB/s Ethernet interface, keyboard and mouse interfaces, a Wide Ultra SCSI interface up to 40 MB/s, and PCI mezzanine card site.

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