ARB Module Adds Multiple Functions To Systems

July 1, 2000

Designed to plug in to the company's DBS 9900 VXI carrier module, the DBS 901 arbitrary waveform generator (ARB) adds multiple functions to the system, thereby maximizing resources while decreasing cost per slot. The 14-bit, 100-MHz ARB module integrates clock and trigger sources with front panel connectors and VXI TTLTRG and ECLTRG lines.
The module's internal clock can drive all plug-in function modules simultaneously, reducing clock skew and delays to a minimum. On-board waveform memory of 1 Mword is segmentable with branching and looping capability, allowing the generation of complex waveform sequences while minimizing the amount of memory required.
Pricing for the ARB module is $3,300 with a delivery time of 90 days ARO.

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