X-Ray System Produces Real-Time Images For Failure Analysis

Dec. 1, 2000

X-ray inspection with the manually operated NXR-130 produces real-time images for failure analysis of BGA, µBGA and flip chip components. Typical inspection samples are pc boards up to 12" x 14". The NXR-130 has 230X magnification capability, an 8 micron focal spot and X-ray source to 120 kV. Another feature of the system is 5-axis control, which can be employed alone and/or with the standard rotate-and-tilt positioner. The 5-axis rotational plate allows the board under test to be manipulated in all three dimensions. Off-axis views enable precise, rapid analysis of solder integrity on densely populated printed circuit board assemblies. The image train includes a 4" image intensifier coupled with a CCD camera. Output from the detector system is processed and analyzed by AIP II software, a Windows based digital image processor that enhances images and highlights defects.


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