VXI AWG's Density Tripled

June 1, 2001

The Model 3153 triple-channel arbitrary waveform generator (AWG) contains one 100-MS/s and two 50-MS/s channels that run independently or synchronously. The Model 3153 three-channel AWG is designed to greatly improve test system throughput with numerous high-speed features for achieving fast access to on-board memory, including up to 2 MB (channel 1) or 8 MB (channels 2 and 3) of user waveform memory. Fast access is also provided to segment memory, sequence memory, sync bit, start/stop, breakpoint and trigger start offset memory. While the 3153 is controlled with message-based setup commands, alternate register-based commands to control repetitive operations like frequency, amplitude, offset and segment selected changes are available with Option HS, making the 3153 fast enough to do high-volume, broadband semiconductor testing. In addition to providing three independent, high-performance AWGs in one C-size VXI slot, Model 3153 AWG can also be configured with two channels only. Microwave test system density is increased as AM, FM and pulse inputs to an RF or microwave signal generator are driven directly by the 3153. Providing a commercial-off-the-shelf solution for military and aerospace applications, the 3153 may be used to simulate vector signals such as those used to test transponders. The VXI AWG is also a valuable testing tool for medical pacemaker manufacturers.

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