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June 18, 2001
Logic Analysis Probe Enables Hardware And Software Debugging The PI-80200 logic analysis probe provides logic analyzer access to all signals for the 80200 I/O processor. This tool allows developers to easily...
Logic Analysis Probe Enables Hardware And Software Debugging The PI-80200 logic analysis probe provides logic analyzer access to all signals for the 80200 I/O processor. This tool allows developers to easily connect a target board to the Agilent family of logic analyzers for timing and state analysis. Included configuration software sets up the format specification menu of the logic analyzer for compatibility with the processor. The software also loads an inverse assembler for the Intel 80200 I/O processor to obtain real-time displays of the processor data in assembly language mnemonics. The tools are nonintrusive and allow for the debugging of hardware and software real-time applications based on this processor. Available now, the PI-80200 costs $4250.

Corelis Inc., 12607 Hiddencreek Way, Ste. H., Cerritos, CA 90703-2146; (562) 926-6727; fax (562) 404-6196; www.corelis.com.

Programmable AC Sources Range From 500 To 18,000 VA The 61600 series of programmable ac sources features 12 models ranging from 500 to 18,000 VA. According to the company, this series is a powerful entry-level solution for pure, low-distortion ac, dc, or ac+dc power for real-world simulation of powerline conditions. This series suits power supply, avionics, military equipment, ballast, UPS, and power component testing. Members of this series feature low 0.3% distortion and high peak current capability (six times the rms level). The 16-bit measurement resolution delivers DVM-type accuracy for easy measurement of line voltage, current, peak current, and inrush current. The ac output voltage is programmed from 0 to 150 or 0 to 300 V ac and 15 to 1000 Hz. The dc output mode provides a high-powered, high-voltage (0 to 212 or 0 to 424 V dc) source.

The 61600 Series starts at $2495 for a 500-VA single-phase unit.

Chroma ATE, 7 Chrysler, Irvine, CA 92618; (800) 478-2026; www.chromaate.com.

Panel Meter Indicators Housed In Compact 1/8 DIN Package Members of the LC1208 series of panel meter indicators are suited for all types of process measurements. Housed in compact 1/8 DIN packages, these devices are full-size panel meters with shallow depths than can be easily installed in 100-mm deep panels. They include a peak and valley indication display and tare function. With an IP65 (NEMA 4X) front panel, the devices feature high accuracy. Inputs are available for process (0 to 10 V, 4 to 20 mA), V ac, A ac, V dc, A dc, temperature (RTD and thermocouple), load cell (strain gauge), time, and frequency. The process, load cell, and frequency inputs have appropriate transducer excitation power supplies. Options are available for 24/28-V ac or 12/24-V dc operation.

For pricing and availability information, contact the company.

Dwyer Instruments Inc., P.O. Box 373, 102 Hwy. 212, Michigan City, IN 46361; (219) 879-8868; www.love-controls.com.

Performance Package Enhances Digital Test Subsystem The High Performance Package (HPP) is now available for the SR2500 Digital Test Subsystem. With the HPP, the DTS provides digital pattern generation, response comparison, and logic analysis for serial and parallel test requirements at data rates up to 200 MHz.

The HPP allows dynamic pattern depth up to 8M deep and bidirectional I/O channels up to 576 channels depending on speed, logic, and model. This package supports a variety of high-speed communication bus logic standards including low-voltage CMOS, low-voltage differential (LVDS), gunning transceiver logic (GTL), advanced graphic port (AGP), PCI, and CTT. With the HPP, the SR2500 offers RAM-backed pattern generation, multilevel triggering, advanced logic analysis, A32/D32 binary transfer for high-speed test program download, and conditional pattern looping and branching.

Available now, the SR2500 with HPP starts at $19,900.

Interface Technology Inc., 300 S. Lemon Creek Dr., Walnut, CA 91789; (909) 595-6030, ext. 301; fax (909) 595-2293; www.interfacetech.com.

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