400-MHz SBC Boasts Of Large Roster Of On-Board Peripherals

Jan. 1, 2000

An extensive array of on-board peripherals, as well as other features, are said to make the VNS-786 single-board computer the most versatile SBC on the market today. Based on the Intel TX chipset, the enbeddable board supports the Pentium, Pentium MMX and Tillamook processors from Intel and the K6-II and K6-III CPUs from AMD. CPU speeds of up to 400 MHz are supported. For low-power requirements, the Intel Tillamook CPU can reduce power consumption by 30% with no performance penalty over comparable MMX CPUs.The board supports up to 128 Mbytes of 3.3V SDRAM and has a 512-kbyte synchronous burst Level 2 cache. On-board peripherals include PCI SVGA support, 10/100-Mbit Ethernet, and audio subsystems. The on-board C&T 69000 graphics controller includes 2 Mbytes of video memory. It features both 3V and 5V flat-panel display support, full-motion video input and simultaneous CRT/flat-panel operation.


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