Card Supports Internet Programming And Debugging

Feb. 1, 2001

When attached to the Ethernet and a Rabbit microprocessor-based system, RabbitLink card enables users to compile, run and debug programs on the remote system from a network-connected PC running Dynamic C 7.02 or later. The card provides remote access to the system over most networks or the Internet. And in addition to enabling remote downloading and debugging of programs, the card can also be used to open a portal to the Internet, enabling the system to send e-mail or generate web pages via a simplified protocol, with most of the software resident on the RabbitLink. The card features a 22.118-MHz Rabbit 2000 processor with 10BaseT Ethernet interface, 512K flash, and 128K SRAM. A static HTML web server and SMTP client are also included, allowing Ethernet feedback from any programmable embedded system with a serial port. The RabbitLink card costs $129. A tool kit costing $99 and including a 110 Vac power supply, programming cable, manual, plastic enclosure for the RabbitLink board, and screwdriver is also available.

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