CompactPCI SBC Tackles Computer Telephony Applications

June 1, 2000

Said to be an ideal computing solution for the computer telephony integration (CTI) industry, the MIC-3376 CompactPCI single-board computer (SBC) has a compact 6U high, 2-slot-wide design. Targeted at applications such as VolP servers, ACDs, UnPBX, fax-on-demand, video-on-demand, and more, the MIC-3376 SBC is available with a 500- or 600-MHz Pentium III processor, up to 512 MB SDRAM, and an Intel 440BX chipset that enhances performance with a 100-MHz front-side bus and 66/100-MHz bus speeds. A single/dual PCI-to-PCI bridge option, enabling the system to control up to seven or 14 PCI master devices, is also available. The board's unique CPU heatsink requires no CPU fan; it cools the processor using only normal chassis air flow. Another key feature is having all I/O connections on the front panel-- the I/O includes two Ethernet, two serial, two USB, one VGA, one SCSI, one parallel, and one PS/2 keyboard/mouse port. The MIC-3376 is priced as low as $1500.

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