STD Bus CPU Board Employs 133-MHz AMD 586

March 1, 2001

Introduced as the first of three STD-bus CPU boards, the MCM-DX5 is based on the AMD 586 processor. Its soon-to-follow counterparts will be based on entry-level 386SX/33 Pentium MMX CPUs.
The MCM-DX5 is said to represent a 33% increase in performance with a 27% price cut over the company's previous product, the MCM-DX4. It integrates the basic AT peripheral complement including the keyboard controller, 16-channel interrupt controller, and real-time clock. Onboard peripherals are mapped in the same location as a PC-AT. These include seven DMA controllers, three 16-bit counter/ timers, two interrupt controllers, keyboard controller, speaker port, and battery-backed, real-time clock.
Other features include a socket that supports up to 288 MB of disk-on-chip flash memory and a temperature range of 0°C to 60°C. Operating system support includes Windows 95/98/NT/CE, Linux, QNX, ROM-DOS, and MS-DOS. With 4 MB of DRAM, price is $795.


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