Stepper/Servo Controller Board Pulses At Up To 1.6 mHz

June 1, 2001

Delivering a pulse rate up to 1.6 mHz, the MCI-400 four-axis, PCI-bus motion control board provides pre-defined home sequences and encoder feedback inputs. The controller targets such applications as medical testing equipment, pick-and-place assembly systems, and robotics.
Users have the ability to program synchronized or independent point-to-point positioning, linear interpolation of two to four axes, zero search, and midpoint interrupt movement profiles. Each individual axis has three output controls: excite off, servo on/off, and deviation counter reset. Sensor inputs include forward limit, reverse limit, and near home, and are opto-isolated. Encoder feedback for each axis can be either TTL or phase differential A-and-B and Z phase inputs. Encoder counters with scaling factors of one, two or four times the input count are also included.


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