PC-MIP Graphics Controller Drives SVGA And Flat Panel Systems

Aug. 1, 1998

Powered by Silicon Motion's high-performance SMI910 graphics accelerator chip and designed using 3.3V technology, the P1 graphics controller card complies with the PC-MIP specification and meets all EMC requirements for CE labeling. Both SVGA and flat panel display control are implemented on the card, with CRT signals fed to a 15-pin HD-Sub connector at the front of the card, while LCD signals are led to the carrier board via a 64-pin connector. And via DMA, P1 can transmit data from graphics memory to the host (and vice versa) on its own.The card's SMI910 graphics accelerator IC has a maximum resolution of 1280 x 1024 pixels and a video frequency of 135 MHz. The PC-MIP graphics card also provides an SGRAM interface with 83-MHz speed, has a standard graphics RAM of 4 MB, and supports two independent hardware windows. In addition, P1 offers plug-and-play support for Windows NT, with a VxWorks driver under development.The firm also has introduced a CompactPCI carrier board, tradenamed D202, that has space for six PC-MIP cards.


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