electronica 2006 UPDATE: 14.11.2006FCI Expands AirMax VS Family with 2×2 and 2×3 Power Connectors

Nov. 14, 2006
FCI has expanded the AirMax VS backplane connector system with two new power connector variants developed to address customer requirements.

Etters, PA:
FCI has expanded the AirMax VS backplane connector system with two new power connector variants developed to address customer requirements (see the Figure). The 2×3 AirMax VS power connector set is designed for customers who require additional power delivery, but who lack the linear board space for two adjacent 2×2 power connectors. The new 2×2 version is designed to match the 11.5-mm above-board height of AirMax VS 3-pair signal connectors. The lower vertical profile enables the power modules to be employed on the same 16.7-mm slot pitch as the 3-pair signal connectors, or as a means to increase air flow in a chassis having wider slot spacing.

"The AirMax VS power connectors were originally added to the family to address customer requirements for increased current-carrying capacity between the backplane and daughtercards in chassis systems," said John Burkett, FCI product manager. "These new versions further increase the versatility of the system by providing that same current capacity in packages that accommodate certain space constraints."

The compact, cost-efficient AirMax VS power connectors are ideal for applications where more powerful processors are continuously being added, such as servers and storage systems, switches and routers, medical electronics and instrumentation.

These new, lower-profile 2×2 and 2×3 power connectors, available as a right-angle header and a vertical receptacle, fit next to AirMax VS signal connectors and are designed to match the 3-pair signal connector height of 11.5-mm above the board. Both versions provide current-carrying capacity of up to 20 A per contact and a voltage rating of 150 V.

The high current-carrying capacity is accomplished by design. Contacts are flat except for minimal forming at the plug connector's mating interfaces, which enables the use of high conductivity base metal. Open passages in the insulating connector bodies allow air to flow through the fully mated connector and over a large percentage of the contact's surfaces to assist heat dissipation.

Designed for use with all AirMax VS signal connectors, the power connectors can also be used with FCI's Millipacs 2-mm Hard Metric backplane connector system, as they conform to the Hard Metric equipment practice.

The AirMax VS power modules employ an eye-of-the-needle compliant tail for press-fit PCB termination. Two available mating lengths for power receptacle contacts provide capability for sequential mating of power and signal contacts.

Typical prices start at $7 per connector set. Samples are available with production lead times of eight weeks.

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