Display Module Targets Wireless Web Appliances

March 1, 2001

Betting on it becoming a standardized architecture for display-centric Internet appliance products, the Net Display Module melds together an LCD and other functionality in a product for creating appliances that are dramatically thinner and lighter. The added functionality can include touch-screen, system board for Internet access, and software drivers to support the OS of choice, with the dramatic reduction in size largely achieved by integrating the board's electronics directly onto the back of the LCD. The hardware/software modules are said to be 80% complete as consumer-ready products.
Two Net Display Modules are presently available: the S10LP-NG and S10LP-TC. The S10LP-NG, consists of a 10.4" TFT touch-screen LCD with a controller board based on National Semiconductor's Geocode SC 3200, a chip that includes a 32-bit x 86-compatible processor, TFT display processor, core logic, and an I/O block. Suitable for wireless or stationary Internet-access and thin-client applications, the module is compatible with Windows CE 3.0 and embedded Linux.
The S10LP-TC, in turn, is based on Transmeta's Crusoe TM3400 chip, which can handle full Internet access, as well as high-quality, wireless streaming video.

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