Miniature Sirens Help Prevent Breaches Of Industrial Security

Jan. 1, 1999

These small size, high output sirens are for use in industrial, commercial, residential and automotive security systems. They include: low-profile (26 mm) SIR-B45 pc board-mount or wire lead types powered by a 9 to 15 vdc supply; SIR-001/-002 weatherproof, screw-mount or wire lead models rated for 6 to 13 vdc, 10W; SIR-003-007 weatherproof, ultra compact (43 x 39.5 x 58.5 mm long) units powered by 6 to 27 vdc; and SIR-B9 weatherproof, compact sirens using 9 to 32 vdc and offering CE approval.

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