Discrete I/O Board Targets PCI Desktop PCs

Dec. 1, 2000

Intended for use in PCI-based personal desktop computers, the PCI-469 discrete I/O board offers 24 CMOS/TTL-LS-compatible lines of logic inputs and outputs. The logic lines are arranged in three groups of eight-bit bytes. Each byte is software programmable for direction, in/out, and modes. The logic drive is 1.7 mA per line and these byte ports may be arranged in three modes: 24 parallel I/O lines, two fully strobed and latched bytes, or as a single bi-directional byte that may be tri-stated to share other devices on the bus. The latter two modes use one of the byte ports as handshake, latch and strobe lines. Pricing is $195 with delivery from stock to two weeks ARO.


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