Computer Board’s CPU Blazes At 500 MHz

Nov. 1, 1999

Offering what's claimed as the highest performance and integration available in a Socket 7 single-board computer, the MAT 891 board supports AMD's K6-3 500-MHz processor. Features include Ultra2 SCSI, 10/100Base Ethernet, and 4 Mbytes AGP video- all in a single slot in a PICMG PCI/ISA backplane. For designers of critical systems, the board supports voltage and software watchdogs, a processor thermometer, and a fan-speed monitor. Based on the ALI 1541 chipset, the card supports the 100-MHz front side bus, a 512-kbyte or 1-Mbyte cache, and high-performance PC100 SDRAM. The AGP video is based on the 3Dlabs Permedia 2 chipset and provides 4 Mbytes of SGRAM video memory. OEM features include software-readable serial numbers, BIOS customization, non-volatile backup of the CMOS setup information, fused power outputs, on-board headers and tech support.

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