DAQ Boards Support 32-Bit, Multi-Tasking RTOS

Jan. 1, 2001

Expanding the DAP board series data acquisition (DAQ) boards, the DAP 5200a/626 and DAP 5216a/626 each contain a 400MHz AMD K6-III+ processor and incorporate DAPL 2000 32-bit multitasking real-time operating system (OS). Users normally control the OS through Windows 95/98/NT/2000, either locally or over a network, and all DAP models will run under Linux software.
The new boards can perform a 16 k-point FFT at a sustained rate of 1.4 Msamples/s. The DAP 5200a samples analog inputs at 800 ksamples/s with 14-bit resolution and the DAP 5216a samples analog inputs at 333 ksamples/s with a 16-bit resolution. Both boards provide 16 on-board digital input channels sampling at an overall rate of 1.67 Mwords/s. External expansion in 19" industrial racks allows a total of up to 512 analog inputs and up to 66 analog outputs connected to a single board.


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