PIII SBC Reduces Power Consumption

Sept. 1, 2000

The CP603 6U-sized cPCI CPU board uses a Pentium III Coppermine processor operating up to 850 MHz and is claimed to reduce power consumption and extend temperature ranges for harsh environments. Its 256-KB L2 cache is said to boost performance by up to 25% over previous Pentium III processors running at the same speed.
The card features a 64-bit cPCI interface that transfers data at rates up to 264 MB/s. Up to 768 MB of cacheable ECC memory can be installed via three 168-pin DIMM sockets. The SBC comes in temperature ranges of -25°C to +75°C or 0°C to +60°C and has a starting price of $2,825 with delivery time of 30 days ARO.

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