A/D Converter Includes Ethernet Interface

March 1, 2000

The company's 2518/19 Smart A/D converter now includes a 10Base T Ethernet interface. The combination allows data acquisition of eight of 16 channels of themocouple, RTD, strain gauge, thermistor, voltage, four to 20 mA, or resistance data via an Ethernet connection. Each channel is software programmable for a different sensor type.
Screw terminals on the board allow direct sensor connectivity. Attached to the Ethernet board, the Smart A/D board provides sensor excitation, linearization, software filtering, auto standardization, and alarm monitoring.
Input power ranges from 12 to 24 vdc. A temperature sensor for each group of eight channels is used as a cold reference for thermocouples. A TCP/IP socket is supplied that supports UDP, ARP, ICMP, and IP. Pricing is $653 for eight channels and $949 for 16 channels.


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