Bulkhead Jack Sits At Right-Angle

Nov. 1, 2002

The UCBBJR29 is a new pc board-mount, right-angle, bulkhead BNC jack designed for true 75? performance and carrier class applications. The device is well-suited for OEM equipment with high data rates, high bandwidths and high frequencies, as well as with low return loss. The jack can transfer torque from the BNC coupling mechanism to a panel front in lieu of the board, ensuring the integrity of the board-to-connection junction. It is capable of handling 4 GHz of upside frequency in 75?. And if the upper end of the frequency is not utilized, the additional headroom will collect harmonics of the square wave for a on/off binary condition. Pricing is $11.25 each/5K. TROMPETER ELECTRONICS, Westlake Village, CA. (800) 982-2629.


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