2U Horizontal Chassis Plugs Into Motherboards

May 12, 2003
This chassis seriously reduces downtime for rack-mount communications applications because the card cage needn't be disassembled.

Designed for communications applications where minimizing downtime is critical, Elma Electronic's 39M 2U horizontal chassis lets designers quickly swap motherboards in a rack-mount environment. Traditional fixed-mounted motherboards can be mounted on card guides inside the chassis. The motherboard can then be swapped out of the card cage without taking the unit apart, gearing the box for rack-mount communications applications where mean-time-to-repair (MTTR) and downtime are essential.

Patented electromagnetic-interference springs, rated for FCC Class B EMC shielding, are used. This eliminates the use of traditional gaskets to shield external seams within the box, which can snag and bend and represent a point of failure. It also saves design costs. With an ac or dc input, the 2U 39M provides up to 500 W. The side-to-side airflow utilizes four fans for 180 CFM of cooling capacity.

All chassis products are completely assembled, wired, tested, and ready for integration upon arrival. Custom and modified enclosures to meet specific customer needs are also available. Pricing starts under $500, with delivery in six to eight weeks.

Elma Electronic
www.elma.com (510) 656-3400
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