Multi-Function Accelerator Cards Handle Secure Network, Storage Applications

June 16, 2006
The Octeon XL cards from Cavium Networks Deliver 500-Mbit/s to 6-Gbit/s Performance.

A family of high-performance accelerator cards is aimed at secure network services and compression applications in appliances and storage systems. The Octeon XL cards are standard PCI/PCI-X boards offered in a broad range of 4-port Gigabit Ethernet, NIC in-line, and co-processor configurations. They handle applications running from 500 Mbits/s to 6 Gbits/s. The company says they are the first such cards to delivered multi-function acceleration, as well as high-availability LAN bypass features, for IPsec, SSL, TCP, IPS/AV, and compression. They also provide optional flexibility to add proprietary capabilities through full C programmability of the on-board Octeon multi-core MIPS64 processor.

The cards come in a full-height, half-length, 64-bit/133-MHz PCI-X form factor. They are offered in three distinct families with a wide range of processor performance, I/O, and additional features. The Octeon XL CPB co-processor cards include an Octeon CN38XX multi-core MIPS64 processor with integrated acceleration engines. Mini-DIMM DDR2 memory slots provide 512 Mbytes to 8 Gbytes of capacity at DDR2-533 or DDR2-667 rates. The Octeon XL NIC cards add four RJ-45 Gigabit Ethernet ports to enable in-line network interfacing as well as host offload processing. The Octeon XL NICPro versions add several features to support the highest level of acceleration and high availability, including 256-Mbyte RLDRAM2, a SPI4.2 system connector, and unique GbE LAN bypass functionality.

Samples of the Octeon XL accelerator cards are available now. PRICING
Prices range from $690 to $1995 in 1000-unit quantities, depending on configuration and processor options. FOR MORE INFORMATION


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