Convert Analog Supply Into Digitally Controlled Power Solution

July 11, 2006
Using the MAX8688, designers can create a fully programmable digital power-management system.

A complete digital power-supply controller/monitor, the MAX8688 converts an all-analog supply into a fully programmable, digital power-management solution. Using the PMBus for communication, the device can control up to 127 supplies on one bus. The MAX8688 does this by tapping into existing analog power-management solutions to provide control and monitoring, functions previously available only in all-digital power supplies. As the “intelligence” behind the company’s PowerMind products, the MAX8688 offers simplified design, reduced cost, and high accuracy.

The MAX8688 closes a slow loop around the power supply. By tapping into the enable, feedback node, and/or reference input, the device offers excellent tracking, sequencing, and fine setting of the output voltage down to plus and minus 0.2% accuracy over the operating temperature. Tasks like margining up or down and transitioning the output voltage at a controlled rate are simplified. An integrated 12-bit, highly linear ADC monitors output voltage, current, and on-board temperature. The MAX8688 comes with a graphical user interface. With no knowledge of digital control theory or how to write software or firmware, an engineer can use the interface to implement a digitally controlled power supply.

The device comes in a lead-free, 24-pin, 4-mm by 4-mm TQFN package and is rated for –40-deg. to +85-deg. C operation. It requires a 3.3-V plus and minus 10% supply and can control output voltages form 0 to 5 V. AVAILABILITY
Check with the company for production quantity availability.


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