Expanded MCU Line Suits Cost-Sensitive Applications

Oct. 13, 2006
Ten new MCUs in NEC Electronics America's 78K0S/kx1+ series include flash memories.

NEC Electronics America has expanded its line of 8-bit 78K0S/kx1+ microcontrollers (MCUs) with 10 new devices that complement the company's all-flash portfolio and provide seamless coverage of system requirements for multiple MCU applications. Three new 10-pin 78K0S/KU1+ MCUs come in the industry's smallest package in their class, according to NEC, a plastic shrink small-outline package (SSOP) that measures 4.4 by 3.72 mm. The seven other devices added to the low-pin-count series include 78K0S/KB1+, 78K0S/KA1+, and 78K0S/KY1+ devices with pin counts from 16 to 30 and on-chip flash memory ranging from 1 to 8 kbytes.

With small form factors, fine-grained on-off control and high sensitivity, all 10 of the MCUs are well-suited for cost-sensitive white-goods applications that require only on-off sequence control services. The 10-pin versions have flash memories ranging from 1 to 4 kbytes. Their on-board footprints are about 30% smaller than those of current 16-pin devices, The seven other MCUs have low-cost semiconductor switching functions that can be used as replacements for dedicated switches to reduce the size and weight of switching control and data transfer functions. These MCUs do not have on-board analog-to-digital converters, making them a cost-effective choice for applications in which analog data need not be converted into digital data by the MCU.

The 78K0S/KU1+ MCUs are in volume production now. Sample shipments of the 78K0S/KB1+, 78K0S/KA1+, and 78K0S/KY1+ devices are available now, with volume production schedule for this month. PRICING
Sample prices are expected to range from $1.30 to $2.00. Price and availability are subject to change. FOR MORE INFORMATION
Visit www.am.necel.com/micro/promotion/allflash/newdevices8bit.html.


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