October 12, 2006

Oct. 12, 2006
Anticipating the "Big One", Back to School Cool, Back to the Future with the 68K
FEATURESCOVER STORY / ENGINEERING FEATURE· Ron SchneidermanAnticipating "The Big One"Homeland security is getting most of the attention, but technologies that forecast and track natural disasters are gaining support to help save lives and property.TECHNOLOGY REPORT· Roger AllanBack To Cool SchoolFaced with faster operating speeds and denser systems, today's designers must expand their knowledge of thermal management to keep heat levels in check.DEPARTMENTSLEAPFROG: FIRST LOOK· William WongBack To the Future With The 68KThe venerable Motorola 68000 architecture takes a leap ahead with a unique real-time microcontroller architecture from Innovasic Semiconductor.DESIGN VIEW· Cheng Peng and Zhengting He, Texas InstrumentsIP Networks And Emerging Video Aps Need Video TranscodingDESIGN BRIEFS· Mike Shriver, Linear Technology Corp.Dual-Phase Inverting Buck/Boost Supply Gets 25.2 V/15 A from 12 V
THE INDUSTRYLiquid Lens Focuses On Low Cost And Power· DTV Chip Market Tunes In To SuccessANALOG & POWER· Don TuiteSomething New In PGAs· Simple-To-Interface Delta-Sigma Adds Mux· Z-One Digital IBA Gets A BoostDIGITAL· Daniel HarrisThe Key To Theft Prevention Is, Well, A Set Of Keys· Digital Design Tip: FPGA Signal Assignment OrderingEDA· David Maliniak"Missing Link" Generates HDL Code From Simulink/Matlab ModelsWIRELESS· Louis E. FrenzelFirst Galileo Receiver Fully Complies With GPS
· William WongTiny Analog MCU Ideal For Dedicated Functions· $100 x86 PC Runs Puppy Linux, Fits On The Back Of Flat-Panel Displays· Low-Power SBC Delivers High-Performance Video· Touchpad Integrates Fingerprint Security System· RTOS And IDE Support Freescale i.MX31 And ColdFire ProcessorsCOLUMNSEDITORIAL· Mark DavidAll-Media Emergency Broadcasts Enhance Disaster-Monitoring SystemsPEASE PORRIDGE· Bob PeaseWhat's All This Bicycle Stuff, Anyhow?POV: POINT OF VIEW· Dennis Kish, Actel Corp.

FPGAs: Architectural Innovations Open Up New Applications

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