Mixed-Signal MCUs Feature 100-MHz CPU In Tiny Package

April 17, 2007
The C8051F Small-Form-Factor MCUs from Silicon Laboratories are well-suited for applications that require precision motion control and signal processing.

The C8051F360 Small-Form-Factor MCU family is the first mixed-signal, 8-bit MCU family to offer a 100-MHz CPU in a 5- by 5-mm package, according to Silicon Laboratories Inc. The device is well-suited for space-constrained applications that require precision motion control and signal processing. The MCU includes a two-cycle, 16-by-16 MAC, a 2% internal oscillator, and 32 kbytes of in-system-programmable flash memory. In addition, the microcontroller provides precision analog capability with a linear 10-bit, 200-ksample/s SAR analog-to-digital converter and a programmable digital-to-analog converter for measurement and control. The C8051F360 is pin-compatible with the company’s C8051F310 MCU family, so designers can easily create upgraded and lower-cost versions of their products with having to develop multiple hardware platforms.

Low-cost development tools for the C8051F360 allow designers to immediately begin developing their end applications. The C8051F360DK is a full-featured development kit containing all the hardware and software needed to develop an embedded system. Included is the target board, an integrated development environment (IDE) that interfaces with the on-chip debug circuitry of the C8051F360, and an evaluation version of the Keil C51 tool chain. In addition, a ToolStickSK daughter card is available to provide a convenient, portable development tool in a USB stick format.

The C8051F360 Small Form Factor MCU family is available now. PRICING
Prices start at $2.47 in quantities of 10,000. FOR MORE INFORMATION
Visit www.silabs.com.


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