Miniature Force Sensor Suits Space-Challenged Applications

April 18, 2007
PCB Piezotronics’s Model 219A05 charge-output force sensor, which measures only 0.24 in. in diameter and 0.24 in. in height, covers a full-scale measurement range of 560 lb.

The Model 219A05 miniature charge-output quartz force sensor from PCB Piezotronics is designed for industrial applications where space is at a premium. The sensor is well-suited for obtaining an indirect measurement of injection-molding cavity pressure by positioning the device behind an ejector pin. The high stiffness characteristic of the sensor allows it to follow very fast transient events. The device may also be used to measure short-term, quasi-static processes.

With its full-scale measurement ranges of up to 560 lb. (2.5 kN) and its compact size of 0.24 in. (6 mm) in diameter by 0.24 in. in height, the sensor can be employed in other applications involving compression forces, such as pushbuttons, pin insertion on circuit boards, switches, and actuators. A removable cable, which permits a choice of lengths and type of terminating connector, facilitates easy field repair in the event a cable is damaged.

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