CompactPCI Interface Card Includes GPS Receiver, GSM Capability

June 4, 2007
The F210 CompactPCI GPS/GSM/UART interface card from MEN Micro provides both versatility and ruggedness for demanding communications applications.

The F210 GPS/GSM/UART interface card from MEN Micro Inc. incorporates a highly sensitive, 12-channel parallel GPS (Global Positioning System) receiver and a GSM (Global System for Mobile communications) device for exceptional communications in applications with very low signal strength. The 3U, single-slot, CompactPCI card supports the GSM 850, EGSM 900, GSM 1800, and GSM 1900 bands, as well as the NMEA 0183 protocol. This capability makes the board well-suited for a variety of wireless communication applications, such as transmitting, tracking, and acquiring data in mobile communications and in the railway industry.

The card’s extended temperature range of −40°C to 85°C and a conformal coating allow it to be used in harsh environments. The four-HP, 32-bit, 33-MHz F210 includes two SA-AdapterT slots for serial interfaces with RS-232, RS-422, or RS-485 line drivers, either with or without optical isolation. The card can also accommodate three additional SA-Adapters for user-defined functions. These can include more serial interfaces or fieldbus interfaces, including CAN bus and IBIS, which can be implemented as IP cores in an on-board FPGA. Reverse SMA connectors offer a physical interface to the external GPS and GSM antennas.

The F210 costs $1719 and is available for delivery in two weeks. To learn more, go to

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